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We are making narrative-driven games with darkly cozy vibes, which engage compassionately with real-world issues.

Unquiet Games is a tiny indie studio based in NYC, with gender-marginalized founders and a queer design ethos at its heart.

We are committed to accessibility, inclusivity, and a quixotic quest to make the planet a better place through the power of games.

As of June 2024, our work is supported by the NYU Game Center, thanks to their incubator program!



Our debut project, Banned Together, is a first-person, 3D narrative puzzle game featuring innovative, psychological gameplay.

It follows two trans college students, Ruby and Carson, finding history — and chosen family — in a campus library. The encroaching dangers of book banning threaten both their relationship and the library itself.

Banned Together is part of the newly coined "MetroidBrainia" genre, drawing inspiration from the curiosity-driven exploration and knowledge-gated progression of Outer Wilds; the queer, political storytelling of Gone Home; and the whimsical, psychological mindscapes of the Psychonauts franchise.

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